Why Us

From day one, JUMP Robotics has been a team focused on making robotics accessible and enjoyable to all. Whether you're passionate about programming or building, or don't entirely know if robotics is your thing, JUMP is the place for you. As a member of the team, you'll have the opportunity to explore any and all aspects of robotics you want.



The Software Team works on making the robot work through teleoperated and autonomous control. By employing techniques in computer vision and motion control, Software transforms the physical robot into something that can sense and move.


The Hardware Team works on the physical robot, undergoing a rigorous prototyping process consisting of computer-aided design (CAD), machining parts with an assortment of tools ranging from bandsaws to 3D printers to CNC routers, and assembly


The Non-Technical team works on everything else not related to the robot. Responsibilities include acquiring funds through grants and sponsors, marketing and public relations, logistics and lab management, as well as graphic designing

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